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Frozenbox Community is
a little social network with
blogs, forums and social features
that our members can use to keep
in touch each other.


HackerNetwork is an Italian blog
dedicated to Information security
penetration testing and privacy.



Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security is an advanced
operating system designed for
penetration testing and anonymity.

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Certificate Authority

FrozenCA provides SSL/TLS certificates
in order to validate and prove
the identity of a website.

Service Under Construction


FrozenChat provides Instant Messaging
services through custom XMPP and IRC servers
and custom clients with cryptographic support.

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FrozenDNS is a service that provides
fast domain resolution services
without censorships or limitations.

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Public Archive

Frozenbox has a public archive
that hosts useful files like
cracking wordlists, source codes,
interesting documents and so on.


What's Frozenbox

Frozenbox is an Italian network dedicated to Hacking, IT Security and Programming.
The network is structured in portals, and it hosts a wide range of projects and services.

But, first of all, Frozenbox is a great family that consists of many
developers and enthusiasts of computer security around the world.